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Network Attached Storage Data Recovery

Hard Drives, External Drive

NAS or Network Attached Storage provides extra data storage and improved failure tolerance much like a RAID array, giving you a better chance of retaining your data in the case of a hard drive failure. Recovering data from a NAS device can be a tricky process. Most NAS units are similar to a standalone PC in that it houses its own operating system which is Linux. Once the hard drive failure is addressed this will allow you to mount the drives on any Linux system. We do not recommend attempting this yourself. Altering the original data can lead to permanent data loss.

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Detailed Symptoms of Data Recovery

  • Can’t start, boot, or mount my computer or other data storage.
  • Blue or black screen on startup. AKA “Blue screen of death”.
  • Lost power due to an electrical failure or surge, now data is.
  • Hard drive will not spin/power up.
  • Computer running slow, takes a long time to boot up.
  • Drive or any external storage device not being detected.


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