USB / Flash Drive Data Recovery

USB flash drive data recovery has become necessary in much larger numbers as more users turn to the convenience of a ‘thumb drive’. USB drives are typically very small, and offer the convenience of portability as well as adaptability to several different computers. Storage capacities can range from as low as 32 MB all the way up to 32 GB or more.

Since a USB drive does not have the moving parts of a typical hard drive, one might ask why a usb drive would fail? Unfortunately, a flash drive actually has a set limit on how many read / write operations it can perform before failure. Typically, the number is in the several hundreds of thousands or more, but this obviously creates problems for a heavily used flash drive. Additionally, USB drives often can experience certain electrical failures that are very similar to a normal hard drive. Circuits can become overheated and fried, and are extremely sensitive to electrical surges or extreme temperatures.

Inter-Data Recovery Services has experience with all kinds of flash memory devices, and often can repair severe electrical damage. Logical disk problems are also recoverable in the vast majority of cases, even if data has been deleted or the boot system corrupted.

Damage often occurs from one or more of the following situations:

  • Spilled water or any other liquid directly on drive
  • Excessive heat or temperature
  • Over-usage of read/write operations
  • Electrical failure
  • Removal of drive while transfer is in progress resulting in file corruption

Our technicians will evaluate your flash drive absolutely free, and provide an estimate before any obligation.