My files are deleted or inaccessible

  • I accidentally deleted my files from the trash bin.
  • An employee maliciously deleted some files.
  • Files are unexplainably missing.
  • Accidentally reformatted the hard drive.

It can happen to the best of us.Whether the file is partially overwritten, accidentally, mistakenly deleted, or suddenly missing to re-formatting there are various methods for recovering your lost files. Many people do not realize that even after a file is deleted completely, even from the Recycle Bin, it can still be recovered in most cases. Our data recovery professionals will evaluate your file system and retrieve the needed files. Your valuable files will be returned and have you back up and running within a few days, or even sooner.

Due to the nature of these problems any details involving the disappearance or deletion of the file will be helpful. Also, specific details about the file or files in question can speed up the recovery process significantly.

Data that has been corrupted due to a virus or malware infection can also be restored in most cases with the right software. This restoration is best performed by a professional, with customized data recovery software and high performance computers.

While there are home versions of data recovery software, they typically have limited functionality and often only work in relatively straight forward and uncomplicated situations. As in all cases of data retrieval, the first attempt is the most likely to be successful so you may not wish to risk trying a home solution.

The chance of recovering your data depends on the type of damage, the steps taken immediately after the data loss, and the professional you choose to help restore your files.

All these problems vary in difficulty, time and resources needed to recover data. Contact us to discuss your particular situation and we will customize a data recovery solution.