Data Recovery Basics

Every data media storage device is subject to failure. The high temperatures, high tolerances, and increasing speeds at which hard drives function make backing up data on a regular basis more and more important. If the unexpected does happen and vital data is lost, the countless hours and energy spent recreating lost data will most likely cost more than a recovery.

Don’t lose precious time, money, and resources when we can recover your data and have you back up and running with little or no down time at all.

Data Recovery is a very technical process, and the mishandling of a hard drive after it has been damaged can result in further data loss. Using data recovery software can often result in spinning the hard drive and possibly damaging it further. Get a free evaluation of our data recovery service before taking any actions, and your data will have the highest chance of possible recovery.

The following information consists of tips and useful information to help in the data recovery process.

1. When in doubt, turn it off! The most common cause of a hard drive failure is a head crash. The crashing heads damage the thin magnetic coatings that store your data. A common symptom of this type of failure is a clicking or clunking sound the drive makes as it is trying to read your data. If this is suspected power off your computer immediately and call us. Don’t try opening the hard drive! It is very easy to further damage the hard drive due to its high tolerances and delicate design.

2. Utility programs. Utility programs are very effective at correcting minor problems with previously backed up data. However, if your drive is clicking or acting up in any way avoid using any utility programs. An expert must first correct a mechanical or electrical failure to your hard drive. Skipping this step may cause your data damaged beyond recovery.

3. Never abuse your hard drive. For many the first instinct to fix a drive is to give it a good tap and help it back into operation. While this might seem like a harmless quick fix the ramifications can often be disastrous. The internal components of a hard drive have very close tolerances and while the exterior may appear durable the inside is actually very delicate. A small jolt can cause severe alignment problems resulting in damage to almost every disk.

4. Never open or dismantle your hard drive. Opening your hard drive will only increase the chance of further damage and will also void the original manufacturers warranty. Manufacturers recommend opening and dismantling hard drives with specialized equipment and in a ‘clean room’ environment by trained technicians only.

5. Never clean or operate damaged equipment. Our technicians at Inter-Data Recovery Services have successfully recovered data from drives fully submerged by floods, severely burnt in fires, and buried in rubble by tornadoes. To increase your chances for a complete data recovery, we recommend you do not attempt to clean or operate your damaged equipment. Your chances for a successful data recovery are greatly increased when we receive the drive as it was found.

6. Don’t make matters worse! Minor problems can quickly turn into major problems when repairs are attempted that alter the drives’ data. These repair attempts can make further recovery efforts difficult and sometimes even impossible. That’s why Inter-Data Recovery Services employs skilled technicians that use advanced tools to recover data without altering the original data. Our recovery method gives you the greatest chance to recover all of your data without further damaging your hard drive and making matters worse.