The advanced technology required in data recovery sets each company apart, and we are the top of the curve. Inter-Data Recovery Services has the training and data recovery successes to prove it. Our equipment is constantly updated to improve techniques and success rates with all type of storage medium failures.

A single error or mishandling of a drive can result in permanent data loss, and turn a recoverable situation into a disaster. That is why we take all the possible precautions when recovering your data to ensure that it has the highest chance of recovery.

Many companies choose to take risky shortcuts that often result in further damage to a drive, but at Inter-Data Recovery Services we choose to invest the time and money into providing an exceptional service. Our hard drive and storage medium experts utilize a Class 100 clean room that minimizes airborne particles in air. If a clean room is not used, the smallest layer of particles in air can settle on a hard drive and cause serious damage.

We also utilize the latest hardware and software utilities to analyze your data recovery situation, and initiate a strategy to ensure the optimum result – successful recovery.