Client Testimonials Data Recovery

Data Recovery Details: 256MB Viking SD memory card had damage to the internal electronics. A combination of parts from a donor camera card and proprietary custom data recovery software was used to successfully recover 98% of the data.

“I just wanted to tell you thank you for all your help. I am just so happy you were able to do what you did. I visited so many places I will probably never see again, and to have these photos back means the world to me. Thank you so much again for everything. All the pictures are great, and I am so thankful we found you to help.”

Elizabeth M.
Irvine, CA

Data Recovery Details:  Five Seagate SCSI 36.8GB hard drives being used as a RAID5. Two drives failed so they were running it in degraded mode for a short period. We were able to repair and image both bad drives in the clean room and recover 100% of the original data.
“Thank you for your excellent customer service and reasonable fees. Hopefully, I will never need your services again, but if I do, I will not hesitate to use you again!”

Don S.
Stafford, VA

Data Recovery Details: Seagate 160GB hard drive had electrical damage after a power outage during a thunderstorm. Two of the chips on the PCB (printed circuit board) were damaged. The power surge was so severe it damaged the media (platters inside the drive). A duplicate PCB board and software was used to recover 96% of the data.

“I would like to personally thank you for your exemplary service in recovering a critical harddrive for us. I could not have been happier with the turn-around time, constant feedback and quality of your service.”

Brad H.
Boston, MA

Data Recovery Details: Maxtor 250GB external hard drive had media read errors otherwise known as bad sectors. Her I.T. department started running chkdsk not knowing that utility is not smart enough to recognize a hard drive failure and actually overwrites usually recoverable data. Amy felt something was not right so she contacted our company and we informed her of the dangers of running chkdsk and other programs in this situation. Fortunately chkdsk only progressed to 8% at the time of our phone consultation and her most critical files were unharmed from that process. Here is what she had to say:

“You guys ROCK! Not only have I been able to access dozens of files that I’ve been feeling ‘lost without’ over the past few days, but I also am in the midst of finishing the proposal I had to complete by tonight – and it’s all THANKS TO YOU!!!!!!!”

Amy L
New York, NY.

Data Recovery Details:  Western Digital 40GB hard drive was rhythmically clicking indicating a head failure. A combination of parts from a donor drive and software was used to successfully recover the critical files for his business.

Many thanks for the prompt service while maintaining communications and updates to me. Although I hope it is not necessary to require your services again very soon, I will be very happy to share my successful experience with everyone I can. You have an excellent website. The estimate feature (at that site) and your immediate reply were also factors in helping me choose from virtually hundreds that offer data recovery service.”

Geoff M.
Phoenix, AZ

Data Recovery Details:  Hitachi 80GB laptop hard drive was dropped and suffered head damage. The notebook hard drive needed clean room work using parts that we happened to have in stock. Our technicians rebuilt the drive and successfully recovered the data within 24hrs.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your time and excellent service. Your company has been nothing short of superior throughout this entire process. Email responses were always quick and efficient, and I always felt safe knowing where my disk drive was and what process it was going through next.  You were patient and I didn’t feel pressured to make any uncomfortable choices. Everything was excellent and I am 200% satisfied. You went the extra mile, and took care of all problems during the process, no questions asked. Everything was back on my hard drive that I needed. Your service was fast and I was able to set everything up in time before I moved back to school.  Thank you again for your honest, flexible, reliable service! You’ve saved my life!

Taylor H.
Berkley, MI

Data Recovery Details:  Western Digital 40GB, 80GB and Maxtor 80GB all with serious issues but because their I.T department has proper training they know not to run over the counter data recovery software on suspected failing hard drives. On each occasion all three of these drives were successfully recovered within a 48 hr time period.

“We are very grateful that you all worked so fast to get this done for us. You are spoiling me with such great service.  I told my boss it’s like you guys just drop whatever you’re doing to help us any time we need you.  I wish other businesses were that customer service oriented.  Thank you guys so very much.”

Christina N.
Simpsonville, SC

Data Recovery Details:  Lacie 1TB external drive used on a MAC. This was an electrical problem that damaged the electronics inside the aluminum case caused by a power surge. The Lacie external case and the Western Digital 500GB PCB boards on both drives were damaged and would not spin up. After repairing both drives we de-striped the RAID using proprietary software that was developed by our programmers.

“Thanks a lot; it was really a wonderful experience having business with you. You’ve been very friendly and helpful. I appreciate very much all the efforts and help you offered to recover 5 years of my work.”

Ali E.
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia