Raid Data Recovery When the RAID Controller Fails

RAID Functionality and the Controller

RAID disk arrays (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) are very common in business applications. Through a variety of options in implementing RAID technology users can benefit from high-availability, high-performance applications with built-in fault tolerance. RAID comes in a variety of configurations depending on the business or application requirements. All share some basic components: configuration data, controller, software, and multiple disk drives.
The job of the RAID controller is to manage and monitor the drives on the system. Should the controller fail for any reason, the drives and all data contained in the system are unavailable. Data in your system may also become corrupted in some instances.

Potential Causes of Controller Failure

  • There can be a variety of reasons that a controller can fail including:
  • Power surges or outages
  • Electronic component failure
  • Firmware updates or corruption

How to Recover

Misguided attempts to recover from a controller failure may result in further corruption or data loss. As vendors can vary in their implementation of RAID systems, it can be quite complex to recover systems and data from a RAID controller failure. To provide the optimal possibility of successful recovery there are specific actions that should be taken:

  • Your best option is always to call in an experienced technical professional.
  • If possible note the circumstances of the system at the time of the failure such as power issues, error messages on the system, application failures, or anything that may assist the technician with evaluating the system environment.
  • If your staff made any attempts to resolve the issue, document what those attempts were in detail.
  • Shut down the system. Running in a damaged or degraded state could result in further damage or loss.

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