Warning – Five Things NOT To Do When Your Computer Fails

June 23, 2014

The blue screen of doom will find its way to your desk eventually. All computers will inevitably fail and leave you without your data. Unless you faithfully back up your data you will be scrambling to find a data recovery service to salvage your ‘stuff.’ It is possible that you will access the internet looking for a reliable data recovery system. Be warned.

Do not believe everything you read on the internet.  For example, these five things will probably destroy any remote possibility that your data could be recoverable. Do not try this at home.

Smack It

There are such things as lucky mistakes. If you know somebody who “repaired” his or her computer by slapping the tower around, has experienced just such a happy coincidence. Without getting too geek-y, there are connections within your device which can get stuck and, occasionally, a blow to the machine might accidentally un-stick these connections. This rarely happens.

Drop it

A few computer owners swear by the “gravity repair” system. Dropping your computer onto a carpeted surface will not help any more than the thumping of your device will. If your computer is full of meaningless bytes and you are going to replace it, physically pummeling your device may sound like fun. On the other hand, if there is one social security or credit card number stored on your hard drive, you need to ensure the hard drive is handled only by professionals then shredded in order to protect your privacy and your credit.

Create Your Own Clean Room

There are articles on the internet that attempt to walk the novice through creating their own ‘clean room’ in the family bathroom by turning on the hot water in shower and the sink faucets, filling the room with steam. Yeah. Right. A real ‘clean room’ is designed to remove the two most dangerous things in the world of a computer hard drive- dust and humidity.  If you attempt to open a hard drive in a humid atmosphere, the consequences will be catastrophic.

Freeze It

For some of the same reasons mentioned above, freezing your hard drive might, indeed, shrink some of the components and free up others, which are stuck or jammed together. The same could be true of the “heat it” myth. Your computer’s pieces and parts are intricately calibrated at the manufacturers to help them align properly. This is why, when your cooling fan goes out, your computer malfunctions. Subjecting your device to extreme heat or cold can cause permanent damage.

Get the Software

There is software available that can sweep your hard drive and recover the data you have lost. Unfortunately, unless you understand specifically what your computer’s problem is in the first place, you may be taking the chance of destroying other systems and circuits that are necessary for the computer to operate. Diagnosing your computer’s ailments is not for novices.

Your computer is a delicate device. When the dreaded blue screen visits you, and it will, be certain that you trust the data recovery to the professionals.