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DLT, DAT, Tape Data Recovery

DLT, DAT, and other types of tape are used in many different backup functions. Like other data storage mediums, they are vulnerable to failure or corruption. Inter-Data Recovery Services has vast experience recovering data from all types of magnetic tapes and backup systems. Due to the custom nature of each backup program and type of storage tape, a consultation from one of our data recovery specialists is required.

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Here are some of the common problems resulting in the need for tape data recovery:

  • Worn out from constant usage.
  • Magnetic fields.
  • Flexing or bending.
  • Excessive temperature.
  • Touching the magnetic surfaces.
  • Solvents or other reactive chemicals.
  • Removal of the disk from a drive while in use.
  • Excessive amounts of dust, smoke, or other pollutants.

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