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Data Recovery Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge to evaluate the hard drive? How long does it take to evaluate my hard drive? What determines how much it will cost to recover my data? How long will it take to recover my data? How will I receive my recovered data once the process…

Data Recovery Tips

Do turn off your computer. If you suspect a hard drive failure turn off your computer and do not re boot. It is time to check your back ups and weigh your options. Remove and replace the problem drive until a decision is made on how to proceed. Do not…

Data Recovery Basics

Every data media storage device is subject to failure. The high temperatures, high tolerances, and increasing speeds at which hard drives function make backing up data on a regular basis more and more important. If the unexpected does happen and vital data is lost, the countless hours and energy spent…

Client Testimonials

Data Recovery Details: 256MB Viking SD memory card had damage to the internal electronics. A combination of parts from a donor camera card and proprietary custom data recovery software was used to successfully recover 98% of the data. "I just wanted to tell you thank you for all your help.…

Drive Shipping Info

If available, please utilize the original packaging as it has been specifically engineered to optimally protect the drives during transit. Anti-Static Bag Place the drive in the original ESD (electro-static discharge) protective bag prior to shipment. If the ESD bag is not available, please use an equivalent anti-static bag. Cushioning…

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