Desktop Hard Drive

Hard drives are the most common method of data storage in the world. Inter-Data Recovery Services has years of experience recovering data from damaged, malfunctioning, or otherwise failed hard drives.  Our technicians are highly trained in the latest methods of data recovery, and have access to the most advanced technology available.  The hard drive is a very sensitive data storage medium, and the slightest error can often result in disaster.  Our data recovery process ensures that your data has the highest possible chance of recovery.

Over 40 – 45% of hard drive failures are due to mechanical damage, and data recovery software can only do so much. Mechanical hard drive problems required a large amount of technical expertise.  Hard drive manufacturers do not release proprietary information about their drives, and thus it is vital to use a data recovery company that has both experience and focus.  Inter-Data Recovery Services specializes in the area of data recovery.  Unlike many other companies, we do not outsource or ship your drive to any other location.  All work is done on-site at our offices in Irvine, CA.

Inter-Data Recovery Services has successfully recovered hard drive data from thousands of clients ranging from individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. Call now or fill out our convenient online quote form for a quick response from one of our hard drive recovery specialists.