Raid Data Recovery When Configuration is Lost

RAID Configuration

RAID disk arrays (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) can be configured in a variety of ways, and RAID technology itself can be implemented in multiple schemas, depending on the needs of the particular business application. Determination of which RAID technology is right for any given application would include the need for data reliability, performance, security, fault tolerance, and other factors.

Regardless of the environment chosen and implemented, the system will be controlled by and reliant upon the RAID configuration. This information is typically stored on both the RAID drives and within the RAID controller. If the configuration information should become corrupted, the entire array will fail. Depending on the extent of the failure, restoring full availability may be a complex exercise, and is certainly not for the novice or faint of heart.

How Does It Happen?

RAID configuration loss can be caused by multiple factors:

  • Software or firmware updates
  • Accidental corruption of the configuration data
  • Controller and/or disk failure
  • Human error
  • Intentional sabotage

In any of these situations loss of the configuration requires technical knowledge to recover from the incident in a safe reliable manner.

What Do You Do Next?

RAID arrays come in a variety of flavors. All include multiple disk devices, RAID controller, and software management. Each manufacturer of RAID arrays certainly follows some basic standards of the technology in providing reliable fault-tolerant disk environments for business applications. But each vendor also incorporates their own proprietary software and controlling attributes that makes recovery and trouble-shooting unique to their systems.

Incorrect attempts to recover configurations can do more harm than good. Due to the complexity and variety of RAID configurations across businesses and technology providers, recovery processes can also vary greatly. This recovery effort will often mean getting into the BIOS level of the system and even risking data loss that would have been recoverable if done properly. This is an operation best left to knowledgeable professionals. 

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