5 Signs Indicating That You Will Need Data Recovery

November 21, 2014

Most people are used to having their computer around and don’t even think about the possibility of it not working. You know your computer, and you may notice when it starts acting funny (like making clicking hard drive sounds), even if there are only minor changes. The best thing you could do to avoid having to think about hard disk data recovery is to make a back up of all your information. But how do you know that your hard drive is failing?

Blue screen, slow computer, and freezing

You might say that these are all unspecific and they can be caused by a wide array of reasons. While some of these won’t result in you having to struggle with disk repair, others will simply kill your computer. It is common for a failing HDD to slow down the computer. It will take ages for the computer to log in, and when it does you will feel like you can’t get anything done. Before you start looking for data recovery services, do your best to save everything that you can.

Data you cannot access anymore

Another sign that you will need hard drive repair in the near future is having files you can’t open anymore. In this case your operating system gives you a message that the file you are trying to open has been corrupted and you can’t open it anymore. Again, the problem may be caused by several different reasons. Nonetheless, it is unavoidable for you to be thinking about having a back-up.

Having bad sectors

If your hard drive has bad sectors it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to consider HDD repair right away. This is because these bad sectors are of two kinds: soft bad sectors and hard bad sectors. The soft ones can be repaired by software. On the other hand, the hard bad sectors cannot be repaired. Even if you manage to solve the problem, it is only a temporary fix.  Sooner or later you will be looking for a hard drive recovery service.

Automatic Chkdsk

In some cases, when the operating system notices that there is something wrong with the hard disk, it will start the Chkdsk command upon booting. This may be the result of a sudden shut down. However, it could also indicate that you will have to fix your hard disk. If your computer does start, save everything you need as long as it’s still working.

Odd sounds coming from your computer

Most probably you already got used to the sounds coming from your computer. In case it makes a clicking sound, it is just as bad as if you had a freezing hard drive. When there is a clicking noise, it means that the reading arm is moving back and forth. The grinding sound could mean that the spindle motor or the bearings are failing. Although usually any odd sound means that your HDD is dying and need to be powered off to avoid an even more severe failure.