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The perils of using data recovery software

  • Published in Blog

The decision to use data recovery software versus the professional service of a data recovery company is one that should be weighed carefully. In extremely simple cases, the usage of data recovery software can be valuable. However, the use of recovery software often results in further damage to your hard-drive and permanent data loss. The software should only be used in extremely simple data recovery cases. If your drive is making any noise such as clicking or small vibrations then the case would not qualify as simple.


How are Bad Sectors Created?

  • Published in Blog

One of the most common data retrieval problems that computer users face is the presence of bad sectors on their hard drive.

A bad sector is a specific division of storage space on your hard drive that has become corrupted and no longer allows you to read or write data that section. Having a single bad sector or even a few bad sectors does not normally render your hard drive unusable, but  over time, bad sectors tend to multiply and the more of them you have, the more problems you'll have in accessing data from your drive.

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