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What Factors Make Hard Drive Evaluations So Long?

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Hard drives are very sensitive, so assessing and fixing them can be a very delicate process, and it can only be done by highly trained professionals. According to a study done by Carnegie Mellon University, about 5% of all hard disks will fail within the first year-and-a-half. Surprised? Whether you are or not, you want to be ready if your hard drive calls it quits. When a hard drive fails, there are one or two things that could be the problem. The first is a logical failure, and the second is a physical failure.


Overheating Computer: What Next?

In case you didn’t know, its bad when just about anything overheats. Some things start fires, some melt, and some even explode. Cars, people, kitchen utensils, or computers—you name it, it’s probably bad for it to overheat. Computers can have a wide range of reactions to too much heat. Sometimes the CPU is the part overheating, sometimes it’s the hard drive, and sometimes it’s a mix of multiple things. Depending on what the problem is, it may cause lasting damage to your machine. If your hard drive heats up too much you could lose all your data. If it’s your CPU, you may end up with an unexpected bill. If a laptop screen stays on while the lid is closed it could end up overheating and giving it screen burn and some missing pixels.

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